Welcome to the "Reputableman" store ... Glad You Browsed In!

Reputableman.com is the personal website of me, Craig Nelson, your host ... a guy with to much stuff.  Yup ... it's time to lighten up a bit.

This site, like myself, is deliberately not flashy-splashy but,  does have some interesting content.  Yeah, I am going inverse to the currently fashionable marketing trend. Silly me, I am "selling" the steak not the sizzle!

Anyway ... here you will find various stories, pictures and detailed information about things that I have up for sale.  Enjoy ... and ... for the sake and happiness of us all ... buy Something !

For Sale:

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        Colonial Skimmer 270B - Amphibious Precursor to the Lake LA-4 and Lake Buccaneer

        Pedabout - A human powered, varnished mahogany, one or two person "speedboat"

        "Wee" Canoe - A traditional, small and very light cedar strip canoe

        Jeepster - A classic four wheel drive sports car Jeep

        Crates and Cases - Many well made trunks, crates and cases for instruments etc.

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